Developed by a team of historians and instructional designers at the University of West Florida, the Next Exit History app is as intuitive as it is authentic. Over the years, the team has worked with organizations across the country to connect the public to historic landscapes. With over 60,000 sites in the database, Next Exit History offers partners an opportunity to leverage their historic and cultural resources by connecting a worldwide network of sites. As a subscriber, you can brand your resources and edit your content at any time. Download the app on iTunes or Google Play and begin your journey today.

Our Mission

Next Exit History is committed to building the most robust database of historical and cultural sites on the planet, promoting the historic and cultural sites of its partners, and attracting an immense user base through engaging digital applications and media.

Meet the Team

Alan Newell, Managing Partner

Alan Newell has more than 40 years of management experience historical consulting, site interpretation and project planning. In 1974, Mr. Newell founded Historical Research Associates, Inc. one of the nation’s premier private consulting firms focusing on history and archeology. Seeking to apply historical skills and analysis to a broad segment of the public, HRA has been a leader in developing new interpretive platforms and approaches to disseminating history.

Ashley Roberts, General Manager

Ashley is Texas born and raised on the ways of the Bayou. She earned her BS in Recreation, Resort and Tourism Management and her MBA with a emphasis on Marketing Research from the University of West Florida. She has spent time working as an Event Planner and Recreation Director for ResortQuest, a Wyndham affiliate as well as managing her own event logistics business.

Tim Roberts, Partner & CTO

Tim received a BA in European Studies and an MA in Historic Preservation from the University of West Florida. Tim specializes in digital interpretation of cultural resources, interpretive planning and historic site management. Tim is also one of the creators of the Next Exit History mobile application and the principal project manager for Three21 Innovations. Tim has worked in both the public and private sectors and is currently a regional director for New Mexico State Historic Sites.

Patrick Moore, Partner

Patrick is the Director of Historic Sites for the State of New Mexico. Previously, for 18 years he served as the founder and director of the University of West Florida Public History Program, was a Senior Historian with Historical Research Associates, Inc., and is a founder of NextExitHistory and partner with Three21 Innovations. As an educator, Moore worked closely with the business history community in developing strategies for training future professionals.

Jay Clune, Partner

Jay Clune is a Professor of History and administrator at the University of West Florida. He is a co-founder of Next Exit History and Mistory, a podcast series on unsolved historical crimes. His research interest stretch from Colonial Spanish American to early-Southern crime stories. He is the author of two books on Spanish colonial America and a writer on Mistory. He earned his master’s in Latin American Studies from the University of Alabama, and his Ph.D. in History from LSU.

Dave Strohmaier, Partner

Dave is a partner with Three21 innovations, county commissioner in Missoula County, Montana, and former city councilman. He previously worked as a historian with Historical Research Associates, Inc., where he focused on digital interpretation, environmental history, and Native American History. He holds an MS in environmental studies from the University of Montana and an MAR in philosophy of religion from Yale Divinity School.


Historical Research Associates, Inc (HRA) is a corporate member of the Next Exit History Team. HRA is a cultural and historical research firm that has been serving its public and private clients since 1974. HRA historians and archaeologists are available to support the Next Exit History team. http://hrassoc.com/

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